Passing her knowledge to me was like transparent mist that gently envelops you and goes through you blessing you with the most beautiful feeling of being proud of what you just learned. She is peace, spirit, gentleness and joy in one... Nesh

Thank you so much Gabrielle, I am blessed to have met you, my life will never be the same again. I understand why people travel 700-800 klms to see you... Belinda

Without Gabrielle’s help I would still be searching for that certain something to fulfil my soul. Your love, wisdom, teachings and kindness will be treasured forever... Cheryl

Gabrielle is such a true and passionate teacher and the continued support she provides is amazing. She is definitely an inspiration to me to continue on my path... Deanna

I recommend her as a spiritual guide and teacher to anyone genuinely interested in spiritual growth and self improvement... Jane

Gabbie was non-judgmental and has the ability to heal through crystals, Reiki, bush flower essences and compassionate communication... Darren



Life is energy and energy is vibration. Vibration is what makes it possible for everything to exist. Everything is in a constant state of vibration and it’s this vibration that is the source of all energy.

As human beings we too vibrate and by maintaining certain frequencies we enjoy optimum health and vitality. However due to the stresses of modern day living, we rarely enjoy extended periods where we operate within that desirable range. This results in poor health, undesirable relationships, adverse financial circumstances and more.

If you are interested in safe, non-invasive therapies that assure results with:

  • Healing your physical / mental / emotional / spiritual bodies
  • Completely overcoming negative stresses and restoring personal peace
  • Dramatically increasing your energy levels and restoring vitality
  • Radically improving relationships with yourself and others
  • Measurably enhancing your financial situation

Then I invite you to explore these pages to discover what’s possible...

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